Best Travel Destinations in Scotland

Scotland is a country located in the northern part of the UK. It shares a border with Englan and has three major islands as part of its territory: Mull, Harris and Skye. Scotland is a beautiful country that covers the entire northern third of the UK. Scotland’s major cities are Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. It’s one of the most northern countries in the whole world and has quite a fascinating history.

From being the seat of power for many centuries, the city of Edinburgh was transformed into a modern city during the Industrial Revolution. The Edinburgh castle is one of the best travel destinations in Scotland. The castle has a very important historical importance. Built in the 13th century, it was a fortress that was able to withstand the castles threats of a Scottish rebel, William Wallace. Today, you can still see some of the relics of this battle, which is important to know about.


The second-largest city in Scotland, Glasgow, is located on the west coast. Many travellers come here each year and enjoy both the old world charm and the new. Glasgow offers good travel connections, and it is a magnificent city itself. You will find that the streets are narrow, there are few cars on the road and the buildings are not very tall with stunning architecture.


Third, on the list of best travel destinations in the North East, the city of Inverness is one of the most beautiful places to visit. The city is surrounded by many islands and is close to Loch Ness, providing travellers with a spectacular view of the lochs. A popular activity in the summer months is sailing around the lochs and taking in the breathtaking scenery.