Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation are the basic technology of vehicular and indoor environmental comfort. Its primary purpose is to offer appropriate indoor air quality and thermal comfort. This cooling system uses electricity, usually by means of a refrigerant, to force cool air in an enclosed area. It is one of the most important technologies […]

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People very often ask whether or not camping in Scotland is legal. The long and short answer to this question is, yes, camping in Scotland is legal; however, you need to follow certain guidelines to make sure you are on the safe side. The most common camping grounds that are prohibited in Scotland are open-air

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Is the Scottish weather affecting Scotland’s climate? Well, this is a tricky question to answer since Scotland has a lot of mountainous areas that have large glaciers. If these glaciers are melting, the temperature in Scotland can significantly change, which is also causing the change in the Scotland’s climate. So how does the change in

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