What To Do In Scotland For Children


Edinburgh is a great place to visit with children as it offers so many fun activities and experiences. You can visit the zoo, climb Arthur’s Seat and enjoy a magical camera obscura show to name a few.

The National Museum of Scotland is the perfect place for kids to learn about Scottish history, take a ride on a giant hamster wheel, play with dinosaurs and robots or travel around the world in the World Cultural Galleries.


If you are planning to visit Glasgow with kids, there are many things to do in this vibrant city that will keep them entertained. From museums and galleries to shopping, there is something for everyone.

For example, the Riverside museum is a fun place to visit with your children. It features all kinds of transport – including buses, trams and trains.


Straddling the Forth River and a gateway to the Scottish Highlands, Stirling is a historic city that’s home to medieval landmarks, picturesque old town and glorious parks.

At Stirling Castle, you can learn about Scotland’s past while enjoying uninterrupted views of the city. The 220-foot-tall monument features three exhibit rooms that tell a variety of historical tales from James IV to Mary Queen of Scots.


Located in Stirling, Bannockburn is the site of one of Scotland’s most famous battles. It was where Robert the Bruce won a crucial victory over King Edward II in 1314, and the battle helped establish Scotland as an independent nation.

The Bannockburn visitor centre opened in 2014 and uses 3D technology to tell the story of this key moment in Scottish history. Visitors put on 3D glasses and walk into a digital recreation of the run up to the battle.