What To Know When Travelling Scotland

Know The Language

Scotland can be a baffling destination if you’re not careful. It’s jam-packed with hidden glens, haunted castles and cryptic lochs overrun with mind-boggling festivals and screechy bagpipe players.

Scottish people have a very strong sense of culture and pride. This is why you’ll find many of them willing to help out and answer your questions.

If you’re planning to travel to Scotland, make sure to learn a few things about its language and culture before you go. This will help you have an even better time while in the country.


Scotland is a great destination for travellers who want to experience the culture, history and breath-taking landscapes of this fascinating country. It also has plenty of attractions to keep you entertained, from castles to a vibrant nightlife and delicious food.

In terms of the culture, you’ll find that most people are friendly and genuinely eager to help you out. This includes locals who are more than willing to help you with your travel plans and accommodations.


Scotland is famous for its wildly changeable weather, so it’s best to pack in layers and prepare yourself for rainy days (and sunny ones) with a waterproof coat.

It’s also a good idea to bring insect repellent if you’re visiting during midge season. These little biting flies can be a nuisance, especially in the Highlands and islands.

Despite the weather’s unpredictable nature, Scotland is a beautiful place to visit year-round. With a variety of activities, attractions, and accommodations to choose from, there’s always something for everyone no matter the time of year you travel.