Scottish Culture

What Makes Scottish Culture Unique?

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Scotland is a beautiful place to visit and has a lot to offer to visitors.

In this article we will take a look at some of the major differences between Scottish culture and those from other parts of the UK and how this could make your holiday more enjoyable.



Although it may seem a simple question, but what makes Scottish culture different? Well, it’s very difficult to give a complete description, as there are so many unique traditions and characteristics that are shared by all cultures on the island. For example, one of the biggest things that sets Scottish people apart is their love of traditional family structures. This has made Scottish families very social and they love to visit and socialise with each other.

The most important traditions of Scotland are the many religious festivals, which can all be found at various locations throughout the country. All Scotland has a festival every year and one of the best times to visit these festivals is at Christmas and Easter. There are many other important festivals, including St. Andrews, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween.


Another way that Scottish culture has been shaped is through the way that it celebrates different things in different seasons. Scotland is divided into two parts, namely the Highlands and the Lowlands, and these have quite distinct views on life. At Christmas, people enjoy the Christmas lights and they also celebrate a traditional game called ‘dancing the night away’. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are very different in that they don’t celebrate anything traditional.

One thing that is very common between Scotland and many countries around Europe is the number of pubs that you see. Many of the pubs that you can see in Scotland are located in areas where there are many tourists. This means that many of these pubs serve alcoholic drinks as well as serving food, which is another very unique tradition that you will find in Scotland. You’ll also find that many of the bars that you see around Scotland are open till the wee hours of the morning, allowing you to drink and eat until you can’t anymore.


One of the most interesting ways that Scottish culture has been shaped is through the way that it uses music as a form of entertainment. Scotland is home to a number of different groups that use music to create a sense of harmony and community. This can include musicians and bands such as The Rolling Stones, Celtic and British bands such as Styx and David Bowie. Music is also very much in vogue at many of the events that take place throughout the summer months, including the Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe.


In addition to this Scottish culture has also been shaped by traditional music and crafts which have played an important role in peoples lives



Every way to make your trip memorable.

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