Best Hunting Experiences in Scotland

Scotland, with its vast and varied landscapes, offers some of the best hunting experiences in Europe. Here, one can engage in a range of hunting activities, from stalking red deer in the Highlands to shooting game birds in the lowlands. It is crucial to have the right knowledge and equipment when hunting, which is why Best Hunt Gear has all the tools and advice you need. This guide will explore the top places for hunting in Scotland, considering the diversity of game, the beauty of the locations, and the quality of hunting facilities.

1. The Scottish Highlands: Stalking Red Deer

The Scottish Highlands are synonymous with red deer stalking, a tradition deeply embedded in Scottish culture. The majestic scenery of the Highlands, encompassing rugged mountains and deep glens, provides a challenging yet rewarding hunting ground.

Key Locations: Estates like Invermark, Ardnamurchan, and Kinlochmoidart are renowned for their deer stalking opportunities. These estates offer guided stalking experiences, ensuring a sustainable and ethical approach to hunting.

2. The Borders: Pheasant and Partridge Shooting

The Scottish Borders, known for their rolling hills and river valleys, offer excellent opportunities for bird shooting, particularly pheasant and partridge. The region is dotted with country estates that manage their lands for shooting sports.

Key Locations: Estates such as Roxburghe and Bowhill provide well-organised driven shoots. These estates not only offer excellent shooting opportunities but also contribute to conservation and habitat management.

3. Dumfries and Galloway: Wildfowling and Woodcock

Dumfries and Galloway, in southwest Scotland, is a haven for wildfowling enthusiasts. The region’s extensive coastline and wetlands attract a variety of waterfowl, making it ideal for this type of hunting.

Key Locations: The Solway Firth is particularly noted for its wildfowl populations. Additionally, the woodlands in this region are excellent for woodcock shooting, especially in the late autumn and winter months.

4. The Trossachs and Loch Lomond: Goose Shooting

The area around Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is famed for its goose shooting opportunities. The large numbers of geese that migrate here during the winter months provide excellent shooting prospects.

Key Locations: The wetlands and agricultural fields around Loch Lomond are popular spots. Local guides and hunting outfitters can provide access to prime locations and offer insight into effective and responsible hunting practices.

5. The Cairngorms National Park: Grouse Shooting

The Cairngorms National Park, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, offers some of the best grouse shooting in the country. The heather moorlands here are a perfect habitat for red grouse.

Key Locations: Estates like Mar Lodge and Glenfeshie are well-known for their grouse moors. These estates offer driven and walked-up shooting, providing options for different levels of experience and preference.

6. Aberdeenshire: Roe Deer Stalking

Aberdeenshire, with its mix of forested areas and open fields, is an excellent location for roe deer stalking. The region offers a more intimate hunting experience compared to the vastness of the Highlands.

Key Locations: Private estates and forests in Aberdeenshire, such as Balmoral, are popular for roe deer stalking. These locations offer guided stalking for both beginners and experienced hunters.

7. The Isle of Islay: Diverse Hunting Opportunities

The Isle of Islay, off the west coast of Scotland, is not only famous for its whisky but also for its diverse hunting opportunities. The island’s varied habitats support a wide range of game.

Key Locations: Islay offers excellent woodcock shooting, as well as opportunities for stalking red deer and shooting wildfowl. Local guides and estates provide tailored hunting experiences.

8. Perthshire: Mixed Game Shooting

Perthshire, in central Scotland, is known for its mixed game shooting opportunities. The landscape of gentle hills, woodlands, and rivers provides habitats for a variety of game species.

Key Locations: Estates like Scone Palace and Atholl Estates offer mixed game days, where hunters can pursue pheasant, partridge, and even duck, providing a varied hunting experience.


Scotland’s hunting grounds are as diverse as they are plentiful, offering something for every hunter, whether they seek the thrill of deer stalking in the Highlands or the tradition of driven bird shooting in the Borders. What makes these locations stand out is not just the quality of the hunting but also the commitment to conservation and sustainable practices. Hunters in Scotland are not just participating in a sport; they are contributing to the preservation and management of some of the UK’s most treasured landscapes and ecosystems. Remember, always adhere to local laws and ethical hunting practices to ensure a sustainable and respectful hunting experience.