Sport In Scotland

Sport in Scotland is big business. The nation holds many of the world records for participation in sport and is home to some of the finest sporting venues in the world. Scottish football is one of the most popular sports at international level. However, it is also a major industry within Scotland and much of the country’s wealth is channelled through sport. As well as football, golf, sailing, and running, there are a number of other traditional sports which Scotland has developed an interest in. Other sports are deeply rooted in the history of the country and play such a large part in its cultural makeup.

Popular Sports In Scotland

One such sport which has a large following in Scotland is shinty. Scottish Highland games are famous all over the world, with a running, jumping, fencing, shooting, rugby aspect. Popular events in this league include the Royal and Ancient Golf Club’s Senior Cup, Bracalough Cup, and the prestigious Highland Gathering. Many other amateur clubs have taken up the sport and it has become a particularly popular sport at international level.

Scottish football clubs have also developed a strong following. Some of the best clubs in the world play in the Scottish Premier League. There are also a number of lower league sides who regularly attract a good crowd to their grounds. International sides are known to regularly visit Scotland on away trips and fans do keep returning to cheer on their Scottish counterparts when they play other countries.

A more high profile association is the Scottish Football Association or the SPFL. The SPFL is the governing body for Scottish football and has responsibility for all matters relating to the sport in Scotland. The SPFL did not start playing league games until the latter parts of the 20th century, but it is now one of the most successful organisations in the country. The SPFL have enjoyed much success in terms of prize money won, attendances and TV audiences.

Another well-known sport in Scotland is golf, with many of the Scottish resorts hosting regular tournaments. The sport is big business in Scotland, with a variety of companies providing different facilities. The Scottish national golf club, the Celtic Tiger, is probably the largest club of any kind in the world. Other golf clubs are based in Edinburgh, Inverness, Perth and Kinross, Motherwell and Skye.


There are many more junior football leagues in Scotland, predominantly based in the South. These include the TMO Scotland underage football club, the SPFC Scottish Premier League Youth Team and the TMO Northern Premier League Youth Team. There are also junior football clubs based in several other locations around Scotland. These include the NCCB Scottish Schoolboys’ Association, NUS senior boys’ football and the University of Edinburgh’s Scottish Cup Academy. If you are looking for an amateur team to support, look to the University of Glasgow’s amateur club, the UGC Scottish Eagles.