Improving Your Knowledge About Asphalt Resurfacing

There are a few maintenance tips for asphalt resurfacing that should be done annually, if not more often. Some of these things to remember are that asphalt is made from finely ground slabs and that they must be replaced after about three to ten years depending on the amount of weight and traffic they have to deal with. The good news is that you do not need to replace your whole asphalt driveway unless the repair is extremely extensive. One of the simplest repairs available is asphalt resurfacing to fix a damaged or cracked asphalt surface.

Making Changes To Asphalt Surfaces

Asphalt resurfacing  is actually much easier than it looks. It does require some preparation though. One area that may need to be cleared is around the perimeter of your driveway. If you do not have a cement surface to place over the asphalt then you can use plywood or another waterproof material to help seal the edges. You may also want to put a sealer on top of the plywood to help keep the moisture from building up under it. Then you can start to repair.

Some people choose to do their own asphalt parking lots maintenance instead of hiring a company to do it for them. There are many ways that one can reduce the cost of asphalt pavement maintenance. If you notice that the pavement is cracked or it is crumbling then it may be time to get it replaced.

Another reason that you may want to consider asphalt resurfacing is to make sure that your foundation has no damage. When you have an older concrete foundation then the only way that you can find out about any problems is to call a foundation contractor. If the damage in your foundation is not severe then you may be able to use sealers on your asphalt maintenance once a year. This will help to prevent further damage to the foundation and will make the foundation stronger.

When you are doing asphalt resurfacing on your driveway or a paved parking lot then you should make sure that you are doing it correctly. Many homeowners make the mistake of just scraping off the old pavement. This is never a good idea because asphalt is very durable and will last for many years. If you scrape it then you will create potholes which are very common when you are doing asphalt replacement.


The best thing you can do is to let the professionals do the job right the first time. They will be able to repair any small cracks that may appear as well as they can repair any larger cracks. This will ensure that your asphalt resurfacing is protected from any future damage. When you choose to have asphalt resurfacing done then you should make sure that you allow the experts to do their job so that you don’t end up with damaged pavement that needs replaced. Ultimately using a reliable asphalt resurfacing company is amongst the best ways through which you can set yourself up for success with resurfacing.