What You Need To Know About Food In Scotland

Traditional Scottish food features heavily in Scotland now. A key part of Burns Night and St. Andrews Day events, traditional dishes and more popular everyday items in an average diet, they still help to remind the nation of the rich history of Scottish cooking. Many of the country’s best restaurants have long been preparing and serving traditional dishes for their loyal patrons. Here are some of the more popular Scottish foods that people love:

Key Scottish Foods And Drink

Scottish scotch. There are many who claim that the Scottish Scotch drink is the most delicious drink you can have. With its spicy flavor and hint of sweetness, scotch is often served as a special gift or on its own. Scottish scotch is usually prepared by mixing dry sherry with vermouth, a fortified wine. Other traditional ingredients, like cream and butter, are also sometimes added. Popular brands of scotch include Duff’s and Johnnie Walker.

Scottish black pudding. Known as “bacon-on-the-bone” in Scotland, black pudding is made by boiling half a pound of fresh meat (such as bacon) in half a pint of cider vinegar. Adding the vinegar will make the mixture stick-mark-proof, which is why it’s often served during St. Patrick’s Day as a special Irish breakfast food. Other additions include dried fruit, nuts, and eggs.

Scottish salmon. Salmon is a very popular dish, and is one of the most common ingredients in traditional dishes. It’s typically served with the dish being cooked in a copper pot that’s either painted or festooned with shamrock designs. Other forms of meat, such as venison or game, can also be used.

Scottish scones. Scottish scones are an old favourite of those who are trying to get away from the traditional dishes, but they’re also good for you. Typically, scones are made with meat that’s been simmered, but some cooks add chopped onions, garlic, and seasonings. Some scones are vegetarian, so if you’re trying to avoid animal meat, make sure you make the scones yourself!

Other Iconic Scottish Dishes

Scottish salted beef. If you only have one Scotland trip remaining in your life, make it a Scotland recipe that includes Scottish salted beef. This dish includes beef that has been salted, which gives it a rich, salty taste. Popular places to serve this delicacy include Scottish country hotels, and at Scottish festivals. You can also try smoking salmon, which makes a delicious version of the traditional Scottish dish.

Scottish oats. There are many delicious varieties of oats available in Scotland, and the country is known for its oats. One of the most famous varieties of oats, known as “gourmet oats,” is Scottish oats baked with a caramel sauce. These oats are often mixed with meat, fish, cheese, or oats. The taste of the various combinations is usually stronger and more concentrated than the individual components of a normal bowl of oats. Common examples of elements added to Scottish oats include bacon (sometimes with liver), fatback, fat, raisins, and even dried fruit. Another delicious Scottish cuisine staple is the “haggis supper.” This dish consists of multiple courses of Scottish food, which usually consist of traditional meat-based dishes, but may include pudding and different juices.